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Mold Removal in Coastal Counties

911 Restoration of Coastal Counties owner Chris Grimet know that mold can have a serious impact on a home’s foundation and the health of the people living and breathing it. Our mold removal team is available 24/7/365 to answer your mold removal questions and address your concerns.water damage restoration technician doing final checks

As leaders in the industry we have 35 years of experience we believe in long-term repair solutions. Our 20+ years of experience has given us the expertise to implement a proper mold remediation process.

When you facilitate the help of the mold removal Galveston team an experienced project manager will schedule a same day appointment.

Within 45 minutes of your call, IICRC certified mold removal Galveston experts will arrive to the site of the disaster to asses the damages and recovery plan.  When it comes to handling mold proper equipment, materials and suits are required to ensure all mold and fungus forms have been removed.

The 911 Restoration of Coastal Counties team only works with highly trained and certified mold removal technicians. So you can rest assured that your home’s restoration process is in the right hands. At the sight or sense of mold growth call the mold removal Galveston team right away.

Mold Remediation by the Pros

With years of experience in removing mold and fighting off fungus infestations, Chris knows that as a home and business owner how important maintenance in preventing mold growth is,as a mold removal process can cause headaches and a large repair bill.

water damage restoration caused mold growthIf you detect excess water anywhere such as under your sink, remove and clean the water, and bleach the area to ensure all airborne fungus on moisture is killed right away.

In addition to removing the water and killing airborne fungus, eliminated the chance of condensation. Any lingering condensation can find its way into drywall or other porous areas. The area where moisture was affected needs to be ventilated, or if possible, incorporate a dehumidifier.

Homeowners neglect to inspect areas that are not visible to the naked eye, so checking your roof for discoloration may not suffice. Chris recommends hiring a mold removal and remediation expert but also to regularly:

  • Under your kitchen and bath sink
  • Check gutters for clogs to avoid water buildup
  • Check your attic since humidity can cause a major proliferation of mold
  • Check your crawlspace, since that is the foundation of your home and install a moisture detector.

Having water damage is an extensive repair process,so at the sign of excess water in your home or business, don’t take chances. Call a mold removal expert to provide you with repairs using advanced technology and long-term mold remediation solutions.

Our licensed, bonded and insured mold removal team doesn’t just check for mold by looking for obvious signs.  We check for possible mold growth in areas affected by water damage by offering free visual inspections to all of our customers.

water damage restoration vans and trucks lined up at urban job locationRidding your home of mold by the people who care

We are the water damage and mold removal team that provides immediate solutions and provide each customer with peace of mind. We know our customers need a prepared crew, stress free solutions, immediate assistance and quality restoration services.

We not only want to provide the best mold removal experience in the industry, but the staff at 911 Restoration of Coastal Counties handles each customers claim submissions and insurance paperwork. So at the sight of mold or if you suspect past water damage now requires mold removal Galveston experts, call us today!

Serving the communities of Alvin, Angleton, Brazoria, Clute, Freeport, Fresno, League city and surrounding areas.

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